Here’s the reason why I have not been feeling okay with being on my account.

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If anyone cares to check out my latest project. There it is! Come be part of the Norman Reedus fan network! (:

My official return is set for Sunday the 13th!

Also my new female TWD OC will be making her debut that same day. <3

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I’m back just like I said I would be!

Don’t expect it to be full force quite yet. But I have returned and I will start replying soon to those I owe! I might be painfully slow, though, so I’m sorry. Buzy next few days coming up but after that - if I’m not overwhelmed then I will eventually be back full force. Thanks for waiting on me!

3 weeks until I return to play Daryl! Until then…

I think I am going to go back on my hiatus until the last few episodes of season 4 air. So, if I promised to reply or if I promised you a plot - you’ll get it after the season ends. I need a full on break from this blog and I need to sort things out! It’s not fun to come on here and feel stressed out all the time. I’ll be back soon. If you need me, I’ll be here to check messages! I’m so sorry to disappoint you guys!

Forgive me!

I think I need to take a small break today. Something’s come up and now I feel not only overwhelmed but also just… not in the mood to write. I’m going to work on one of my secret~ side projects then I’ll be back later this evening or tomorrow!

ᴛᴇʀᴍɪɴᴜs ☠ ᴏᴘᴇɴ

Daryl can’t escape the fear that is in his heart and mind as he walks along those railroad tracks. He lost track of the car that took off with Beth the night before and now, he’s alone. He’s alone, scared, worried, and pissed at the world. Sighing as he turned to take a look around, he furrows his brow as he tries to make out tracks on the pavement beneath his feet, or even in the mud along the sides of the road. All which lead to nothing and so he keeps on walking, with aching feet and tired bones beneath him. “Where the hell could they have taken you?” Daryl asked himself, keeping his eyes locked to the ground beneath his feet. Even if tracking her would be a lost cause - he knew the railroad tracks would have to lead him somewhere, and if he could find other people. They could help him on his search.

As Daryl approached the sign telling him to meet at the terminus; he sighed heavily as he walked on past the sign in the direction of the meeting spot. All he could hope for now was that it wasn’t a trap set up by criminals. It seemed like he had been walking forever but by that night, he found himself approaching a small town, that almost reminded him of Woodbury. Houses lined the streets, people were outside, and the place was largely fenced in. Army trucks and tanks abound in the distance. Approaching the gate, Daryl waved his arms frantically to get the attention of the people on the other side. “Could someone please help me out?” He called out, feeling more than worried and the anxiety in his veins showed in his voice. “My…friend has been kidnapped!”


So, on the 06/03/13 I made this account. At first, I really didn’t think it would get anywhere and that I would drop it much like I’d done to many other accounts. For a while, I did give up due to my other account being too hectic for me, but I came back a while later and let me tell you, it was the best thing I ever did. Over time, my love and understanding for Rick developed and I began to understand all the others characters and the show as a whole a lot more. I’ve had the time of my life in this community, surrounded by amazing people and I’ve learnt a lot about writing and character development whilst I’ve been here. However, the people I have socialised with and surrounded myself with are a main part of this whole experience - without them and my love for Rick, I don’t think I would have kept this account going. So, thank you for making this the best experience of a lifetime. Let’s hope there are many more years to come.


These are the people that have stuck by my Rick through thick and thin and who I love dearly. Not only are they all inspirational and beautiful writers, but they are wonderful people and my experience wouldn’t have been the same without them.

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These here are the people that have made the experience all the better, the people that I have had the pleasure of writing with. The people that are severely talented and I know will make it far in life. If you have the chance to follow each and every person here, I suggest you do so, not only will you not be disappointed, but they will make your time here worth the while. I love you guys. xo

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These are the people that I admire from afar, that I hope I’ll get the chance to roleplay with one day. To me, they’re all super talented people and it would be an honour to get to know them and write with them. I’m super shy though, so I’ll just wait until that days comes.

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I have most definitely left a bunch of people out of this, but understand that it was very hard to go through my entire follow list and yada yada. Sorry if I did leave you out, but know I love you nonetheless. Thanks for making my one year here awesome!