You can find me over here until late September or early October!

Follow my new indie? Please?

Back for real this time!

However, since I’m going to be starting classes on the 14th I will not be on as frequently as I used to. Sorry! I’ll still be here to write though. Let’s plot?

I’m working on an OC right now for TWD rp.

I’ll let you all know what his link is soon! I got to get him figured out, first, though.

Please like this post if…

  1. You’re running an active TWD roleplay blog. Comic, game, or show based is fine by me.
  2. You want a literate, canon Daryl to RP with.
  3. You have plot ideas in mind and/or want to plot with me.

I’m finally back.

It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Let’s plot, guys!

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